My name is Mark and I am the founder of Marks Mandalas.  I want to share with you a little about my early days in world of dot art.  I have no background in drawing or painting.  I painted my first dot mandala June 8th 2017.  I want you to know a background in art is NOT required to enjoy creating dot art. 

This is the first post from my Marks Mandalas Facebook page dated July 10, 2017:

"Thank you so much for visiting my page! Just a quick little bit about me. This is a slightly modified excerpt from a conversation I had with an admin from a local rock painting group:

It has really taken me by surprise as I had no idea rock mandalas were something I could do as my painting/drawing ability is simply not very good like my handwriting (I'm a lefty so I will blame that 🙃). My wife and I discovered rock painting/hunting a couple of months ago (April 2017) and at first would just find them, post on the corresponding group and re-hide most of them. We wanted to contribute but weren't aware of any artistic skills in this realm. We tried several different styles to decorate a rock with very little success. I found some great instructional videos on YouTube on rock mandalas and thought I would give it a try. I really like the structure and patterns that mandalas have. I am a drummer so I don't know if that helps me to grasp the basic concept of how these work or what but I am happy that I enjoy making them and thrilled that they are being so well received.

Rock on!"

 June 8th 2017, it begins...

My mission from the beginning has been to learn and share with others.  My dotting tools are perfect for any skill level and my lessons are perfect for those wanting to easily create their first dot mandalas.

That's me painting ship wheel mandala pendants while on our Panama Canal cruise April 2018 using prototypes of my dotting tools. Magnifying glasses may look silly but they work great, especially for small dots!

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