Pro Grade - Acid Brushes - 36 Count 1/2 Inch Boar Hair Acid Flux Brushes
Pro Grade - Acid Brushes - 36 Count 1/2 Inch Boar Hair Acid Flux Brushes

Pro Grade - Acid Brushes - 36 Count 1/2 Inch Boar Hair Acid Flux Brushes

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Brand: Pro Grade


  • Economical Handy Tool for applying a variety of materials Interior, Exterior, such as Glue, Acid, Flux, Oil, Paste, Pipe Dope, Soldering, greasing, Touch-up, applying Zinc primer, Spreading, Dusting, Cleaning, Cooking, Baking, Art, Woodworking, Workbooking, Arts & Crafts, or other general-purpose applications and more, hobbyists and professionals.
  • Sturdy Durable Brushes whether you use each Brush ten times or only once
  • Features 6" long handle, machine trimmed & crimped to spec
  • Chiseled edge horsehair bristle An economical brush
  • Used for applying surface coats in small areas

Publisher: Pro Grade Supplies

Details: Disposable Shop Brushes are an economical tool for Hobbyists and professionals, When applying a variety of materials such as Glue, Acid, Flux, Oil, Paint, Paste, Grease, Pipe dope, Zinc primer, for either Soldering, Touch-up, Dye, Spreading, Dusting, Cleaning, Arts & Crafts, Woodworking, Woodworking projects, applying Wood Glue, Epoxy Glue, Epoxy hull repairs, Cleaning tasks, working well on epoxy resin projects Or any other general-purpose applications. Great quality product It has no moving parts, Bristles are Tight, Does not require any precision. Benefits: For Acid/Flux application and removal, apply Flux for rosin-core solder Wipe away Tarnish and apply Tarnish-Removal Chemicals/Creams For dabbing into squeaky hinges Apply Grease to old vehicle guts Brush seam sealers in auto body applications Spread dielectric grease, caustic materials EZ reach corners and get into/between all the pins & tight nooks and crannies Smear oil on everything everywhere, clean oil and chips after machining or drilling some parts Apply Naval Jelly Works well for applying Froglube to guns handy for removing dust from places you can't reach, Brushing dust off computer fans/heatsinks wax for mold release Very handy for cleaning cleaning away the metal debris like when cleaning and lubing bike and motorcycle chains or other general-purpose A must have Household painting supply

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